Cryo Careers

Professionals who deal with cryogenics learn their trade in a variety of academic and hands-on ways, coming from the fields of mechanical, chemical and electrical engineering, various specialized physics areas, materials science and a combination of these and other backgrounds. Whatever the academic background, there is always a basic need for hands-on experience in the lab or in industry.

Cryogenics is a factor in such fields as astrophysics, nuclear physics, high energy physics, materials research, cryobiology, cryosurgery, space cryogenics, the many and varied industries that serve these disciplines, as well as cryogenic treatment of metals and many other areas of specialization. Careers in education at various levels are also enjoyed by cryogenicists. Read more about these fields and see how cryogenics is used in many daily tasks by visiting Cryo Central, where CSA members describe ways that cryogenics are used in many daily tasks — including pest control, food processing, and surgery — and give insight into some of the career paths that lead from a study of cryogenics.

Cryogenic Jobs Center

The CSA Cryogenic Jobs Center is your clearinghouse for cryogenic jobs, whether you are an employer looking for an employee, or an individual seeking employment. Find Help Wanted ads from employers in cryogenic fields in government, academic or research institutions, national laboratories, and related businesses. You will also find resumes from prospective employees with a variety of cryogenic-related talents.

Academic Institutions Offering Courses in Cryogenics

CSA regularly surveys our membership to compile this comprehensive list of educational resources for students interested in entering the fields of cryogenics and superconductivity, as well as professionals who wish to expand their knowledge by taking advanced courses and other specialized training. The list is divided into four parts:

This content will be updated as new information becomes available. If you would like us to include information on any educational institution or resource please contact us.