Resources for Cryogenic and Superconductivity Research and Education

These cryogenic resources consist of databases and documents maintained by the CSA and other organizations. They are meant for both the general public and those involved in cryogenic applications. Please contact us if you know of additional resources you would like to see posted on this page.

Cryo Central: A Cryogenic Information Resource
This section of the website contains information on some of the major applications of cryogenics. The content ranges from general to highly technical, and is drawn from Cold Facts magazine, CSA corporate and individual members, and various websites that are authoritative on the topic.

Defining Cryogenics
A series of columns published in each issue of Cold Facts and written by Dr. John Weisend, the Board Chairman of the Cryogenic Society of America and an expert in the field of cryogenics. The purpose of the column is to explain frequently-used cryogenic terms as used throughout this website and other cryogenic resources.

Ask The Experts
“Ask the Experts” is a database of technical questions about cryogenics with answers provided by top-notch authorities in the field. 

Cryogenic References
A comprehensive list of reference sources and publications. Also available as a PDF.

Cryotreatment Resource List
This document lists companies that provide cryotreatment services, and includes contact information for each company. The list is updated regularly. Please contact us if you would like your company to be included in this resource, or if you have changes or additions.

Introduction to Cryogenics
This 2007 introduction to cryogenics was presented as part of a course by Dr. Philippe Lebrun, the former head of the Accelerator Technology Department for the Large Hadron Collider (LHC) at CERN.

Introduction to Pulse Tube Thermodynamics: Nomenclature, Appendices and References
A PDF download of the nomenclature, appendices and references for Peter Kittel’s series appearing in Cold Facts.

In addition to these resources, please see the list of databases on our Links page.

Looking for information on freezing bodies? That’s cryonics, NOT cryogenics. The CSA does not endorse cryonics, the freezing of body parts or whole bodies for the purpose of future re-animation. In other words, we do NOT freeze bodies! For more information, please review Cryogenics vs. Cryonics.