Fellows of the CSA Criteria and Nomination Procedure

Fellows of the Cryogenic Society of America are persons of distinction in cryogenics, and shall have made notable valuable contributions to the field of cryogenics.

The CSA Awards Committee will review nominees and make recommendations to the CSA Board of Directors, which makes the final selections. An 80% majority vote of the Committee shall be required for recommendation to the CSA Board. It is entirely possible that no new Fellows will be selected in any given year.

Newly elected Fellows receive a certificate and plaque and are honored at the CEC Banquet following election of the nominee.

Selection Criteria

  • Nominees shall have made notable valuable contributions to the field of cryogenics. Such contributions need not be in research, however they must be of significant magnitude so as to justify the honor of Fellow. Non-research examples include but are not limited to:
    • founding a company whose products and/or services have materially contributed to advances in the field
    • serving as a consultant of nationally and internationally recognized competence in a particular area of cryogenics
    • furthering advances in national and international cryogenics through programmatic efforts including materially contributing to the development of, and serving on technology boards or groups which represent and influence significant areas of cryogenic technology such as cryocoolers, high magnetic field research, space cryogenics, biomedical cryogenics, etc.
  • The nominee must have demonstrated loyalty to, and support for the growth of CSA through continuing active participation in the Society’s activities, either in the local chapters, or nationally through involvement in short courses, program committees, etc.
  • Nominees should be senior members of the cryogenics community, having been active in the field for 15 years or more.
  • The nominee must currently be a CSA member in good standing with continuous membership for the previous three years.

Nomination Procedure

  • Nomination packages must be received by the CSA Executive Director no later than January 1, 2023.
  • The package must contain:
    • The completed nomination form
    • Three letters of recommendation, preferably written by CSA members, however letters from other nationally or internationally recognized notable contributors in the field will be accepted at the discretion of the Awards Committee. The persons writing the letters must have personal knowledge of the nominee’s qualifications and experience. The letters should:
      • briefly outline the nominee’s qualifications,
      • explain why the honor of Fellow should be conferred, and
      • must attest to the nominee’s professional integrity and character.

      The requirement for submission of letters of recommendation may be waived by unanimous decision of the Awards Committee, in instances where the nominee is extremely well known in the community.

  • Submit all nomination packages to CSA for forwarding to the Nominating Committee chairman, Dr. Christopher Rey.

    Megan Galeher
    CSA Executive Director
    800 Roosevelt Rd. Suite 312-C
    Glen Ellyn, IL 60137

    [email protected]