GKN Aerospace Joins HyFIVE Consortium Development of Hydrogen Fuel

Liquid hydrogenHyFIVE represents a significant leap forward in advancing a world-leading liquid hydrogen fuel system and future supply chain within the aviation sector. This collaborative effort underscores GKN Aerospace’s unwavering commitment to fostering innovation and sustainability. Led by Marshall, the HyFIVE consortium is on the cusp of achieving major milestones, including the development and rigorous testing of scalable liquid hydrogen fuel system technologies. These efforts will culminate in a fully integrated ground demonstration showcasing the hydrogen fuel system's capabilities.

By leveraging the distinctive strengths of each industry partner, such as Marshall's proficiency in fuel system design and integration and Parker Meggitt's expertise in fuel system components and thermal management technologies, the consortium is poised to tackle critical technical, safety, certification, and industrialization challenges associated with hydrogen fuel systems in aviation.

In light of the aviation industry's aim to achieve net zero emissions by 2050, hydrogen propulsion emerges as a pivotal pathway for decarbonization. GKN Aerospace is steadfast in advancing foundational technologies through initiatives like HyFIVE, thereby contributing to a sustainable future for global aviation while unlocking significant market opportunities for the UK.

Max Brown, VP Technology at GKN Aerospace, commented, “The HyFIVE liquid hydrogen fuel system program will complement our existing world-leading hydrogen electric propulsion program, H2GEAR. We hold Marshall and Parker in high regard for their fuel system capability and believe we now possess a robust pathway to deliver the technology and supply chain necessary for hydrogen regional aircraft and beyond. This unique industry partnership, coupled with leading academic insights, marks a significant stride toward a sustainable aviation future.”

GKN Aerospace is a global leader in the aerospace industry, specializing in the development and delivery of cutting-edge aerostructures and engine systems. Its unparalleled products, systems, and services are integral to 90% of today’s commercial and defense aircraft, spanning from helicopters and business jets to advanced air mobility vehicles and state-of-the-art fighter aircraft. Its dedication to innovation and cutting-edge technology is evident in the application of lightweight composites, additive fabrication, electrical wiring interconnection systems, and groundbreaking engine systems, which reduce both weight and cost in today’s aircraft and engines. GKN Aerospace is at the forefront of sustainable technology, pioneering solutions for emission-free flight. GKN's global technology centers collaborate with industry partners worldwide to accelerate the development of pioneering technologies, including hydrogen-powered propulsion and all-electric flight.

With operations in 12 countries, GKN Aerospace employs a workforce of 16,000 employees across 33 locations.


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