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CSA's Corporate Sustaining Member companies span the globe. Through membership, these companies promote their products, services, and research to the international cryogenics community. Our corporate members are the heartbeat of CSA. Their involvement with the organization provides opportunities for them to create awareness of their companies within the most influential audience, forging collaborations with other members that advance research and further expand the greater cryogenics industry. Download a brochure to learn more about the benefits.

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Abbess Instruments and Systems, Inc.
Vacuum chambers, altitude and space simulation testing chambers, wide range thermal systems, robotic systems, vacuum chambers integrating cryogenic/refrigeration features for wide range thermal cycling/testing, or static set point control for biostorage.

Ability Engineering Technology, Inc.
Custom process equipment used in a variety of cryogenic and non-cryogenic applications throughout the liquid-gas supply chain for extraction, purification, liquefaction, distribution, storage and end use of gases and hydrocarbons.

Acme Cryogenics, Inc.
Medical and industrial manifolds, vacuum insulated piping systems, gas blending equipment, electrical controls, Acme and CVI cryogenic valves, specialty gas equipment, fabrication services, helium and hydrogen tank rehab, CGA fittings and vaporizers.

Ad-Vance Magnetics, Inc.
Magnetic shielding services for cryogenic and room temperature applications. Custom fabricated magnetic shields, magnet shielding alloys, magnetic shielding foils, precision sheet metal fabrication, laser cutting, welding and assembly services.

Aerospace Fabrication & Materials, LLC
Custom built multilayer insulation (MLI) for spacecraft, launch vehicles and other cryogenic applications. R&D of new fabrication techniques and material combinations for lower cost and more efficient systems. ISO9001 and AS9100 certified.

Air Liquide advanced Technologies
Design and manufacture of helium, nitrogen, hydrogen, methane, biogas and natural gas liquefaction and refrigeration systems, and products for cryogenic fluid storage and transportation.

Lydall and Unifrax are now Alkegen, a multilayer insulation manufacturer with low temperature vacuum insulation testing capabilities and competence to provide expert advice on system design.

Alloy Valves and Control
AVCO manufactures full port 2- and 3-piece cryogenic ball valves up to 6", orifice plates and restriction spools. Valve options include v-port, diverter valves, custom designs and automation packages. AVCO is an ISO 9001:2015 and Woman Owned business.

American Magnetics, Inc.
Turn-key cryogen-free and liquid helium based superconducting magnet systems. Complete line of capacitance and resistance based instrumentation.

Ampo Poyam Valves (AMPO)
Cryogenic valves for LNG or liquefied air gases, liquefied hydrogen or helium. Microflow control and shut-off valves, vacuum or non-vacuum isolation applications, axial check valves and top-load ball valves are part of AMPO's valve portfolio.

Amuneal Manufacturing Corp.
Magnetic shielding for cryogenic and room temperature applications, with core competencies in low frequency magnetics, precision sheet metal fabrication and specialized hydrogen annealing. Design, engineering, fabrication, testing and assembly services

Argonne National Laboratory
Pioneer in the development of low-temperature superconductivity and its applications, including superconducting magnets for particle accelerators and beam lines, superconducting rf cavities and large high energy physics particle detectors.

Atlas Technologies
A leader in hermetic bimetallic couplings, flanges, fittings and custom dissimilar metal joining. Atlas Technologies’ joints are used in cryogenics and ultrahigh vacuum. Al/SS, Ti/Al, Cu/Ti and many other dissimilar metal combinations are available.

Barber-Nichols LLC
Manufactures custom and stock engineered products including vacuum jacketed, extended shaft pumps, circulators, blowers and compressors for use in cryogenic systems to optimize system performance.

Beyond Gravity Austria GmbH
Manufactures high quality multilayer insulation for space and cryogenic terrestrial applications used in superconducting magnets and accelerators, as well as liquid gas tanks and infrastructure.

Bhiwadi Cylinders Pvt. Ltd.
Bhiwadi Cylinders is a leading manufacturer of static and transportable cryogenic pressure vessels and cylinders, along with vaporizers ranging from 200 to 100,000 liters.

Bluefors is a global market leader manufacturing cryogenic measurement systems, cryocoolers and other cryogenic product lines for quantum technology, physics research and other industries under the Bluefors and Cryomech brands.

Flexible single and double-walled pipe systems: helical corrugated flexible pipes for cryogenic applications, cryogenic flexible vacuum insulated pipes for all cryogenic gases in the range of 1/4 inch to 8 inch.

Canadian Nuclear Laboratories
Canadian Nuclear Laboratories has significant expertise in tritium handling, including the design of tritium removal systems from air and water and the use of cryogenic systems to concentrate tritium and store it as a metal hydride.

CCH Equipment Co.
Reconditioned equipment for cryogenic and industrial gas storage systems; Inventory of 1,000+ vessels. Also provides field or shop design services.

Chart Inc.
Highly engineered standard and custom engineered products and systems for the purification, liquefaction, distribution, storage and application of cryogenic gases. Domestic operations across the U.S., international presence in Asia, Australia and Europe.

Chase Research Cryogenics Ltd.
Designs and manufactures compact, self-contained, low-cost sub-Kelvin sorption coolers, specializing in systems working at <1K, <300mK and <100mK. In addition to standard systems the company will custom design to meet individual specifications.

Clark Industries, Inc.
Manufactures and repairs high vacuum and cryogenic equipment, including flexible helium transfer lines, fittings, manifolds and helium compressor adsorbers.

CO2Meter, Inc.
A designer and manufacturer of fixed and personal safety monitoring devices, specifically for inert gases such as CO2, O2, CO, NH3, CH4, and others. Focused on spatial monitoring for enclosed spaces, as well as personal safety to meet "OSHA" standards.

Coax Co., Ltd.
Semi-rigid coaxial cables. By using seamless metal tubes for outer conductors, Coax’s cables provide excellent performance in shielding and transmission. Cryogenic cables in OD sizes .33 mm to 3.58 mm. SC cables NbTi and Nb in OD sizes 0.86 to 2.19 mm.

CoolCAD Electronics
A leading electrical test (current-voltage, capacitance-voltage, noise, transients, etc.) and compact modeling (spice) service provider for companies and agencies fabricating and/or designing electronics for operation at low temperatures.

CPC-Cryolab, an MEC Company
Ultracold liquid hydrogen and liquid helium products with operating temperatures to 4 Kelvin. Products include cryogenic valves, vacuum insulated products, cryogenic filters, bayonet connections and complex vacuum insulated piping and manifold systems.

Creare LLC
Complete cryogenic services from conceptual design, analysis, and optimization to hardware fabrication and testing. Expertise includes custom cryogenic components and systems, vacuum systems, heat exchangers, turbo-Brayton and other cryocoolers.

Criotec Impianti SpA
Design and manufacture of transfer lines, valve boxes, cryostats and custom environmental test chambers for extremely low temperatures (to 10 K)., to meet customer specifications and European standards, while providing maximum operational reliability.

Cryo Industries of America, Inc.
Diverse line of cryogenic systems including helium liquefiers, open or closed cycle systems, superconducting magnet systems, continuous flow or reservoir type. Cryo Industries specializes in custom systems.

Cryo Service Ltda.
Cryogenic services, MRI maintenance, cooling down and magnet refrigeration, repair services for cold heads and oil adsorbers, for prominent hospitals and health groups, universities and technological centers in Brazil and South America.

Cryo Technologies
Custom cryogenic process equipment including helium extraction systems, cryogenic purifiers, helium, hydrogen and nitrogen liquefiers, gas and recycle systems, tritium removal systems and vacuum insulated piping and distribution systems.

Offering cryogenic engineering design, applications & safety courses and consulting support for engineers, facilities operations, technicians & sales staff.

RF cryogenic interconnect products (including components and cables) that work to 2 K, including unique custom designs. Stainless steel and niobium titanium cable assemblies, cupro nickel, raw St/St and NbTi cable, connectors, adaptors and other hardware.

Cryogenic treatment services to increase the life of cutting tools and wear parts for a wide variety of applications, including blades, drill bits and other cutting tools, as well as automotive parts and firearms.

Cryofab, Inc.
Manufacturer and service provider of cryogenic equipment and accessories for all liquid cryogens. Custom fabrications, OEM fabrications, and a full line of standard containers, vessels, VJ valves and accessories.

Cryogas Tech Sdn Bhd
Cryogenic liquid and gas applications for food and beverage, pharmaceutical and semiconductor industries. Piping, fuel lines, filling and transfer, LN2 dosing, phase separators, subcoolers.

Cryogenic Institute of New England, Inc.
Specializes in cryogenic treatment services, thermal cycling, deflashing & deburring services, and sales of equipment for the aforementioned services.

Cryogenic Limited
Cryo-free superconducting magnet systems; 18T solenoid, 15T split, 2D & 3D vector; property measurement systems (thermal, electrical, magnetic); SQUID magnetometers; custom beamline, UHV, neutron-scatter, ESR/EPR, XMCD designs. RT bore or VTI (50mK-1000K)

Cryoguard LLC
Provides indicators that signal thermal exposure at 10 preset temperatures from -5 °C down to -150 °C via an irreversible green to red color change. They are used to assure the quality of heat sensitive materials during shipping, storage and handling.

Cryomagnetics, Inc.
Superconducting magnets and systems including wet, dry (cryogen-free), dry including integrated VTI (C-Mag) with measurement modules, recondensing and custom designs. LHe and LN2 level sensors, vacuum stations, and more.

Cryomech, Inc.
Advanced cryocooler solutions. Product line includes over 30 different types of Gifford-McMahon and pulse tube cycle cryorefrigerators, LN2 and LHe plants, open-cycle to closed-cycle conversion with helium reliquefiers and liquid nitrogen plants.

Cryonova Process Systems, LLC
Manufactures and services helium compression systems, helium refrigerators, helium liquefiers, and helium purifiers. Parts, service and consultation to helium cryogenic operations. Custom control systems and programming, mechanical upgrades and repairs.

Engineering, manufacturing, construction and maintenance services for cryogenic installations. Specialists in design and installation of cryogenic technologies for production, storage and handling of liquefied gases (LIN, LOX, LAr, LHe, LH2, LNG).

Independent cryogenic parts and service organization focused on providing a high value alternative for re-manufactured parts and innovative service solutions. The company provides a high level of expertise, minimizing system downtime and helium loss.

CryoTechnics LLC
Providing cryogenic process sensors, controls, and design and testing services with a focus on thermometry, advanced development tools, and collaboration to support and advance low-temperature application or research.

CryoVac low temperature technologies
Fully customizable wet or dry systems in the temperature range 300 mK to 800 K, with the ability to include superconducting magnets. Cryogenic accessories, transfer lines, repair, design/feasibility studies, consulting and testing services.

CryoWorks, Inc.
Wide range of products for the storage, distribution and transfer of cryogenic fluids, including VJ piping systems. Specializes in complex system design, engineering services, project management, repairs, service and turn-key installations.

Cryoworld BV
Developer and manufacturer of cryogenic equipment including design, production, testing and installation of helium and other custom equipment. Specializes in the development of new cryogenic technologies. Cryogenic engineering consulting available.

CSIC Pride (Nanjing) Cryogenic Technology Co., Ltd.
Cryocoolers and cryogenic engineering application devices, including GM cryocoolers, cryostats, helium reliquefiers and liquefiers, dilution refrigerators, gas recovery, purification and liquefaction systems.

Danaher Cryogenics
Offering a wide range of cryogenic solutions, from high-efficiency pulse tubes to full cryostat systems. Custom, one-off designs and standard models. Also integrating Chase Research Cryogenics coolers and representing Leiden Cryogenics in North America.

Demaco Holland BV
Designs, manufactures, tests and installs customer-specific vacuum insulated solutions for extremely low temperature applications (down to < 2K), including for the transfer of liquid hydrogen from the liquefier/storage tank to the transport vessel.

DMP CryoSystems, Inc.
Designs/manufactures cryogenic treatment systems and accessories, including top-loading chest, front-loading swing and guillotine door style models. Fully programmable controllers with multi-segment recipes ensure repeatable results in every batch.

EPSIM Corporation
Engineering and process consulting services for gas and cryogenic applications, including air separation, custom processes, plant performance monitoring, operation safety review, and regulatory compliance.

Equigas, Inc.
Distributor of gas equipment including cryogenic globe, ball, gate, check and relief valves; regulators, tanks, microbulks and vaporizers, hoses, HP cylinder valves and HP fast filling connectors; pressure gauges, HP manifolds, gas cylinders and more.

Essex Industries
Cryogenic storage and distribution systems for military aircraft. Fixed and rotary wing LOX systems, mass oxygen distribution systems, LOX generators and liquefaction devices.

Eta Space
Aerospace cryogenic services range from concept development, design/analysis, fabrication/assembly, and testing. Systems include LOX/LH2 ground support, in-space propellant depots, cryocoolers, and integration of spacecraft active/passive thermal control.

Technical solutions in cryogenic applications incorporating cryocoolers, production systems, cryostats, hydrogen production and liquefaction, specializing in the development and delivery of membrane cryocooler technology.

Facility for Rare Isotope Beams – Michigan State University
Rare isotope research and nuclear science education, serving 1,400+ researchers from 53 countries. MSU has No. 1 nuclear physics graduate program in nation (U.S. News & World Report). The MSU Cryogenic Initiative trains students in cryogenic engineering.

Fermi National Accelerator Laboratory
America's premier laboratory for particle physics and accelerator research, with cryogenic technology playing a major role.

Fin Tube Products, Inc.
Manufacturer of helically wrapped finned tubing for the heat transfer industries, generally ranging in size from 2" OD down to .016" OD. Smaller sizes used in medical cryostats and some military applications, generally in conjunction with a J-T Port.

Full line of cryogen-free cryostats, probe stations and dilution refrigerators for a wide range of ultralow temperature needs. Key technologies include ADR cryostats, low-vibration probe stations, scanning SQUID microscopy and wafer-scale probing.

Gardner Cryogenics
Develops and manufactures highly reliable storage tanks, trailers, and equipment for hydrogen and helium storage, transport and transfer. Industry leading technology maintains temperatures close to absolute zero. Provides retesting and repair services.

Gas Equipment Company, Inc.
Gas Equipment is a world leader in sales of cryogenic, industrial gas, LNG and CO2 transfer and control equipment. Full range of products focused towards cryogenic trailer, tanks, gas delivery systems and fill plants.

GenH2 Corp.
GenH2 is focused on the mass production of hydrogen infrastructure equipment. Its products are designed to be flexible and scalable, allowing for safe and reliable production, storage, and distribution of liquid hydrogen for a variety of end-use cases.

IC Biomedical
IC Biomedical manufactures premium-quality cryogenic storage and transport equipment. In 2020, International Cryogenics was merged with Worthington's Life Sciences Cryogenic Equipment division (formerly Taylor-Wharton Cryoscience) to form IC Biomedical.

Imtek Cryogenics
Nitrogen and oxygen liquefiers with capacities between 10 and 500 lt/day or larger, and small capacity argon liquefiers, high purity nitrogen and oxygen gas generators, cryogenic storage systems with long holding time and maximum storage density.

Independence Cryogenic Engineering (ICE)
Specializes in repair and reconditioning of cold heads, cryopumps, helium compressors, activated carbon oil adsorbers. Also carries a line of self-sealing gas flex lines, vacuum jacketed transfer lines.

Iris Technology
Cryocooler system components, electronics and electro-optics as well as solar power systems for military branches. Premier integrator of tactical power systems and spacecraft hardware.

Kelvin International Corporation
Small LN2 and LOX plants, High Pressure Nitrogen (HPN2) service trailers, cryogenic level sensors, helium heaters, and cryogen transfer control systems for the military and semiconductor industries, and for OEM applications.

KEYCOM Corporation
KEYCOM has developed NbTi-NbTi superconducting cables and cryogenic semi-rigid coaxial cables for various applications. KEYCOM also offers low noise amplifiers (LNA) and Bias-Tees for cryogenic use at various frequencies.

kiutra GmbH
Turnkey cryostats providing both standard one-shot and multi-stage continuous Adiabatic Demagnetization Refrigeration – an elegant technique for permanently generating sub-Kelvin temperatures to temperatures below 1 K, independent of helium-3.

Lake Shore Cryotronics, Inc.
Measurement and control solutions for materials characterization under variable temperature and magnetic field conditions. Cryogenic temperature sensors and instrumentation, magnetic test and measurement instruments, cryogenic probe stations.

Lihan Cryogenics Co., Ltd.
Providing high efficiency, compact and robust Stirling cryocoolers and pulse tube cryocoolers. Tailored solution for user application available.

Linde Cryogenics, Division of Linde Engineering Americas
Linde provides process plants for low temperature helium and hydrogen refrigeration and liquefaction. Products include small capacity systems with piston-expander or gas-bearing turbine-expander technology and custom plants with turbine technology.

Magnatrol Valve Corporation
High quality, two-way bronze and stainless steel solenoid valves designed to handle liquid oxygen, argon and nitrogen. For pipe sizes from 3/8" up to 3" depending on the model.

Magnetic Shield Corporation
Specializes in engineering, fabricating, and testing of custom magnetic shields and rooms. Cryo-Netic® is an alloy specifically engineered to perform at cryogenic temperatures. Also: Ambient temperature shielding using Co-Netic® and Mu-Metal® alloys.

Marathon Products, Inc.
LN2 traceable sensors for -200°C applications: data loggers, wired and wireless monitoring systems for stationary and logging during shipments. Remote asset monitoring - NIST traceable.

Meyer Tool & Mfg., Inc.
Custom fabrication of ASME code pressure vessels, UHV vacuum chambers and cryogenic systems. Experience with cryostats, dewars, distribution boxes, heat exchangers, RF components, precision machining and welding.

Micro Harmonics Corporation
Micro Harmonics offers mw-wave cryogenic Faraday rotation isolators for cryogenic use in the WR-15, WR-12, WR-10, WR-9, WR-8, WR 6.5 and WR 5.1 bands, with additional bands under development. Isolators successfully tested down to 1 K.

A full line of welding consumables to meet the needs of fabricators and manufacturers of cryogenic components. Welding forms available are: MIG, TIG, SUB-ARC, and FLUX-CORED wires along with SUB-ARC fluxes. Technical welding consulting is also available.

Molecular Products, Inc.
IONEX-type Ag 400 X-type silver zeolite getter material used in vacuum annulus of cryogenic containers. IONEX-type O-P catalyst is unusually effective catalyst for converting orthohydrogen to parahydrogen.

NASA Kennedy Cryogenics Test Laboratory
Cryogenic expertise, materials research, prototype design, testing and standards in focal areas of thermal insulation systems, cryogenic components, low temperature applications, advanced propellant transfer systems and integrated refrigeration systems.

National High Magnetic Field Lab – Florida State University
Design and construction of high-performance magnet systems and components: 45-T resistive-superconducting hybrid magnet, 105-mm bore high-resolution 900-MHz NMR magnet, 35-T resistive magnets. Resistive and superconducting magnet systems for laboratories.

Niowave, Inc.
Superconducting electron linacs, guns & injectors, accelerating cavities & components, niobium & niobium alloys. Licensed to operate superconducting linacs in their facilities to produce medical radioisotopes to treat cancer and other medical conditions.

Oak Ridge National Laboratory
High temperature superconducting applications SPI projects in the areas of HTS cables, transformers, fault current limiters, motors and generators. Technical expertise in the integration of cryogenic cooling systems with the HTS conductor elements.

Omega Flex, Inc.
Omega Flex, Inc. supplies proprietary metal hose assemblies for a broad number of applications and markets, which include cryogenic application, semi-conductor, medical, pharmaceutical, petrochemical and power generation.

Oxford Cryosystems
Offering the smallest, most compact variable-speed GM cryocoolers available with fast cooldown and easy OEM integration. Oxford Cryosystems' coldheads are used across radio astronomy, diffraction, HTC magnets, optical sensors and R&D industries.

Oxford Instruments NanoScience
Designs and supplies research tools including Cryofree dilution fridges, cryostats, superconducting magnets, measurement & custom engineered systems, using core technologies in low and ultralow temperatures and high magnetic fields and system integration.

Penflex manufactures flexible corrugated and interlocked metal hose, as well as expansion joints, with a special focus on cryogenic applications. Mass spectrometer testing and special cleaning procedures ensure leak-free components free of contaminants.

Photon Spot Inc.
Photon Spot manufactures compact sub-Kelvin cryogenic systems, superconducting single-photon detectors, and systems with very low temperature oscillations at 4 Kelvin. The company's products are carefully designed for quantum applications.

PHPK Technologies
Pressure vessels, high vacuum chambers, cryostats, vacuum cold boxes, warm He compressor and LN2 pumping skids, thermal shrouds, thermal conditioning units, globe valves, seal-off valves, bayonets, vacuum jacketed piping and the CVI TorrMaster cryopumps.

Princeton CryoTech
Design, sales, startup, and service of cryogenic distribution and storage systems, including vacuum insulated storage equipment, piping, manifolds and bulk tanks. Secure on-site cryogenic storage of biological materials, and cryogenic shipping services.

Quantum Design, Inc.
Automated material characterization systems, temperatures from 0.05 to 1,000K and magnetic fields to 16 tesla. Helium liquefiers and configurable recovery systems; sub-kelvin optical cryostats, rapid cooldown C-ADR cryostats, and scanning NV microscopes.

Premier lines of cryogenic gas flow and control products including valves, regulators, pressure relief devices, and other cryogenic gas equipment.

RIX Industries
Manufacturer and developer of thermoacoustic Stirling cryocoolers with up to 1,000 watts of cooling power at 77K. These systems have no moving parts in the coldhead, making them ideal for applications that require low vibration and no maintenance.

Rutherford & Titan Inc.
A nationwide cryogenic installation and servicing company that assists customers with needs ranging from selecting and installing a machine to performing ongoing maintenance and sourcing replacement parts.

Scientific Instruments, Inc.
From temperature sensors, instrumentation and aerospace transducers, to LNG tank gauging systems, Scientific Instruments, Inc. offers a wide array of high accuracy, high precision solutions to suit the customer’s measurement needs.

shirokuma GmbH
Ideas, innovations, consulting: Cryogenic expertise, prototype construction for cryogenic components and problem-solving for technology development.

Sierra Lobo, Inc.
Cryogenic storage and thermal insulation systems, thermoacoustic cryocoolers, cryogenic instrumentation and electronics. Mass gauging system, large-scale pulse tube cryocoolers. Systems analysis capabilities.

Signal Microwave
Field replaceable nonmagnetic SMA and 2.92 mm connectors for quantum computing, with a bandwidth of 27 GHz for SMA and 40 GHz for 2.92 mm versions. Materials used are phosphor bronze, beryllium copper, Teflon (PTFE), and Ultem.

SLAC National Accelerator Laboratory
Managed by Stanford University, the DOE’s SLAC National Accelerator Laboratory is a world leader in X-ray and ultrafast science due in large part to its facilities: the Stanford Synchrotron Radiation Lightsource, and the Linac Coherent Light Source.

Space Dynamics Laboratory
SDL provides thermal strap design, fabrication, and testing services, including conductance, stiffness, vibration, outgassing and cleanliness. The company also offers active and passive thermal switches, MLI blankets, and thermal isolation systems.

Spaceline Technologies

Engineering and fabrication of cryogenic fluid systems for aerospace, transportation, government and process gas industries. Spaceline's expertise is from the space launch and test industry designing reliable systems for critical applications.

SPS Cryogenics BV
Design, manufacture, supply of vacuum-insulated pipeline systems for liquid gases. Integration of vacuum super-insulated tees, elbows, phase separators, valves or flexible hoses into the customer's system..

STAR Cryoelectronics
Standard and custom cryogen-free ADR cryostats, LTS and HTS foundry services, advanced LTS and HTS dc SQUID sensors, TES microcalorimeter and STJ X-ray detectors, PC-based SQUID readout electronics, bundled and woven-loom cryocables, Mr. SQUID.

Stirling Cryogenics BV
Stirling specializes in the design and production of systems based on the Stirling Cryogenerator and CryoFan, available as components or as part of a Stirling system for closed loop cooling or on-site (re-)liquefaction of air gases, (bio-)LNG and LH2.

Stöhr Armaturen
Valves for temperatures down to 2K or below, high pressure, high leak tightness, compatibility with corrosive, flammable or toxic media; short shutter speed.

Sumitomo (SHI) Cryogenics of America, Inc.
Innovative Gifford-McMahon and pulse tube cryocooler designs, as well as cryopumps and helium compressors. Global sales and support network.

Sunpower, Inc.
High efficiency and energy density Stirling cryocoolers for telecommunications, aerospace, gas liquefaction, biotechnology, superconductivity. Cost effective, exceptionally quiet, low in vibration, and extremely efficient.

SuperPower Inc.
REBCO-based second-generation high temperature superconducting (2G HTS) wire and 2G HTS-based magnet coils and current leads. Advantages include high efficiency, high strength, higher energy density and superior performance in magnetic fields.

Tech4Imaging LLC
Cryogenic mass flow meters, two-phase mass flow meters, cryogenic mass gauging, flow loop testing and level sensing.

Technifab Products, Inc.
Transfer, storage and control of cryogenic fluids, including rigid and bendable vacuum jacketed pipe, transfer hoses, CF/KF flanges, custom CNC machined parts, lab and biological dewars and personal protective equipment.

Technology Applications, Inc.
Thermal straps made of copper, graphite, and graphene. 150+ standard models to choose from. Custom design, and gold & nickel plating is available. TAI never outsources, and all straps are designed and assembled in-house.

Tempshield Cryo-Protection®
Complete line of cryogenic gloves, aprons, gaiters, and face shields for use in laboratories, frozen food, oil & gas, semiconductors, aerospace, and other markets. Waterproof Cryo-Grip® Gloves offer increased dexterity for small ultracold objects.

The Aerospace Corporation
The Aerospace Corporation a national leader in independent research and development. With over 80 specialized labs, the company is able to provide world class testing, analysis, and troubleshooting for many aspects of cryogenic engineered systems.

The Phoenix Company of Chicago, Inc.
SMA cables and HD PkZ microwave contacts, cables, and housings provide a full dilution refrigerator system from hermetic header through each level to interface with the Quantum chip. HDQ18 microwave connections offer a complete board level solution.

Thermal Management Technologies
Thermal management hardware for ground and space applications including thermal straps, isolators, switches, PCM heat exchangers, heat pipes, radiators, multi-functional structures and custom engineered solutions. TMT helps clients realize their visions.

Thermal Space Ltd.
Thermal-management hardware solutions include standard and custom thermal straps, cold plates, radiators, cryostats, and cryogenic cooling or storage systems. Services include thermal-vacuum testing, cryogenic engineering, and thermal and fluid analysis.

Thomas Jefferson National Accelerator Facility (Jefferson Lab)
Primary mission: Conduct basic research that builds a comprehensive understanding of the atom's nucleus at the quark level.

Subatomic physics laboratory bringing together dedicated physicists and interdisciplinary talent with sophisticated technical resources.

Turbines Inc.
Advanced technology precision cryogenic measurement systems for transports, pipelines and plant processes. Measurement of liquids and gases from 0.5pgm to 12,000gpm. Complete instrumentation for industrial processes and cryogenic applications.

Vacuum Barrier Corporation
Designs, engineers and fabricates LN2 equipment and components, for custom or standard solutions in all LN2 applications. Equipment includes piping, dosing systems, phase separators, dewar fill and other specialized equipment. ISO 9001:2015 certified.

Vacuum Energy Inc.
VEI supplies advanced hydrogen getters and recombiners as well as consulting services for applications ranging from consumer safety, to meeting the extreme requirements of leading edge cryogenic systems.

Valcor Scientific
Wide range of solenoid valves for general purpose, high purity, and cryogenic applications to -452 °F. Designed for durability and long life, the cryovalves incorporate unique design features that offer extended life in high-cycle applications.

Web Industries, Inc.
Applies innovative engineering, quality-focused manufacturing, and mission-critical supply chain solutions providing "deliver-to-launchpad" customized thermal insulation offering exceptional performance, ease of installation, and lower material costs.

As a Swiss based SME, WEKA is a leading manufacturer of cryogenic components, special valves and instruments for liquid level measurement. With more than 40 years experience they provide optimal solutions for handling of low-temperature liquefied gases.

Wessington Cryogenics, Ltd.
Open dewars, pressure vessels, helium storage vessels with up to 15,000 liter capacity. 10, 20 and 40 ft ISO containers and road tankers for oil and gas industry. Bulk vessels up to 60,000 liter capacity.

West Coast Solutions
With decades of cryocooler and cryogenic thermal management experience, including many successful space payloads, the company's multidisciplinary team includes experts in pulse tubes, Stirling coolers, radiation hard electronics, and cryogenic controls.

XMA Corporation
Designs and manufactures passive components such as attenuators, terminations, bulkheads, DC blocks, power dividers and couplers. XMA’s cryogenic attenuators, terminations and bulkheads are used in quantum computing, aerospace exploration, and more.